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All Things Rope

When living on a ranch you tend to begin reusing as much as you possibly can. Sometimes because we live so far out of town and don't have the luxury of being able to get to our local Walmart or True Value store quickly when something is needed. Sometimes we reuse to create something new. Well that's what I do anyhow. My husband doesn't do much recreating he's far to busy just trying to keep the ranch working.

I can't tell you how many ropes we have lying around the ranch. These guys and gals go through a lot of ropes and I can tell you they aren't cheap. They use them for all sorts of work on the ranch, mostly roping the cattle but other things too. Cowboys are pretty creative when they need to get stuff done. Ropes come in handy. So my family doesn't know it yet, but I'm planning to use these old ropes for upcoming crafts. Christmas season is just around the corner and as the cool fall weather keeps me indoors more I need something to do besides cleaning. So during my few minutes of me time I began to search for fun things to create with my new used ropes.

What a great new way to spruce up that Christmas tree and hide that plastic stand than with a rope Christmas tree collar like the one I found on Pinterest. Take a look at the tutorial at A Beautiful I really am looking forward to making this.

If truth be known I could make Christmas crafts year around. Christmas season is my favorite times of year. Especially when it's cold outside and your kids want you to get out the hot cocoa and marshmallows. Also, when you see your teenage son outside chopping firewood to prepare for the winter cold temperatures. I just can't wait to begin crafting.

It's always nice to receive gifts that are homemade and why not include a homemade rope basket or bucket to show your love. This would be a total bonus gift for your loved one! Lia Griffith has an easy DIY rope wrapped tree basket tutorial. So this idea can be used as a tree basket or a gift basket. Get the easy "how to's" from the link below.

Another great rope project is rope ottoman. So I found this project a few years ago and just loved it. I actually made the ottoman with an old tractor tire but could never talk myself into covering this neat old tire with rope, so I ended up with a tire ottoman. Anyhow, that's a project for another time. has a great tutorial. Click on the website and search rope ottoman, the tutorial sure makes it easy to create this really neat "talk about" furniture piece.

Fun photo of my tire ottoman....

A great rope project that can be reused and refined as often as you want is a rope wreath. I have already done one of these and every year I change it up a little bit. This year I'll add in some branches and leaves from my pomegranate tree as well as add in pomegranates for color. I love using items that are free and I don't have to travel anywhere to get anything. Everything I need is right here on the ranch. Don't forget to take a look at the tutorial cowgirl magazine has.

Hope you have fun with your rope projects. I know I can't wait to get started on mine.

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