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Arizona gardens are the best in the west...or so I think

Gardening in Arizona is still going strong. As you know in this part of the country we don’t see the decline in temperatures in September, October and November as other parts of the country do. My winter squash are starting to grow like crazy and my zucchini and crookneck squash plants are still producing a ton. Please let me know how your garden is doing and what fruits and veggies you’re growing.

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Mine was doing well till this week's freeze. Not all is lost though. Here are some of my pics.


Photos sent in by mama Becky. My bestie Lyssa is lucky to have a mama that grows lots of veggies.


I'm a first year gardener and I had pretty good luck with my Spring garden so I've added a fall bed. Radishes, cherry tomatoes, two types of green beans, sweet peas, and sunflowers.


Regina sent me some nice photos of her fall garden

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