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Wintertime on the Ranch

Still no snow has fallen at the house but we can see snow on the mountain tops surrounding the ranch. The sun is setting faster than ever, darkness of the morning feedings as well as the frosty windows tells me it's this is winter. Winter on the ranch comes with its challenges.

Our daily routines are altered due to changes in temperature and sunlight. Our water is spring fed and the pipes are located at a superficial depth of 10-12 inches. Therefore, our morning chores of filling up waters for the chickens and horses is almost impossible if the water line is frozen. At times I question if I'll even be able to take a shower in the morning, luckily we haven't had issues with that. The cattle don't seem to drink as much water during the winter which allows us to pump the well less for the cattle. Also, that cold evening breeze that we've been experiencing the past few days tells us to feed earlier.

Our house electricity runs on solar and generator. We have a schedule to make sure we check our batteries for our solar are filled with water and ensure that the generator has plenty of fluids to keep it running. Although we have propane heating in areas of the house we mostly use our woodburning stove. Our daily routine consists of chopping and stacking wood. I'm getting better at chopping kindling wood. It's not as easy as it looks.

Our ranch is open so the cattle roam free but a few of them come back to visit us daily. I've noticed that they come in earlier and leave soon after. I'm sure it's to get back to where they'll bed down for the night. One little heifer I know is probably excited to feel those cold days and nights is Ginger my miniature highland. Her thick fluffy hair keeps her nice and warm.

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