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Yay It's Fall...Time To Decorate

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

For some of us fall began a few weeks ago, but for us in northern Arizona it seemed to have happened overnight. Last week we had our air conditions up and running this week we're unpacking the blankets. When the days get shorter and the morning air is crisp I know it's time to decorate for fall.

When decorating I ask myself these questions.

  1. What theme do I want to have? In my mind the theme options are classic, traditional and of course farmhouse ranch style. What are your theme options?

  2. What current decorations do I have that I can tie into my new fall outdoor decor vision? I mean it's always good to reuse when possible.

  3. How much money do I want to spend on decorations this year? Where is the sale at?

  4. Will my decorations hold up to the elements? Is it going to be a warm, cold, windy or wet fall?

When flipping through my fall farmhouse and Pioneer Woman magazines I take mental note of the images I see. Those magazines along with Pinterest have a million ideas. I then head out to my local Hobby Lobby for supplies, well it's not so local it's about an hour drive so first things first I decide which theme I'm going with. Which most of the time my mind tends to stick with farmhouse ranch style. I think to myself each year how would it look at the ranch if I went with more of a character type theme or even got out the traditional ghosts and witches, which I think would be fun for the kids to see. Even after a moments thought I still come back to the farmhouse. I mean the only kids I have to show off to are my own as our ranch is far from town and I don't get many visitors.

Luckily places such as Hobby Lobby have tons of options for fillers. Fillers to me are the leafy garlands or the random tin can. Those items along with the pomegranate tree I have in my backyard and garden growing provide me with the other foundation pieces I need for decorating. That is for my farmhouse fall look.

Take a look at Hobby Lobby's ad and see what they have. Also, they sometimes offer a coupon.

I'm not sure if you are located in a place like Kingman, Arizona where it's mostly windy with a touch of dust but here you need to consider will the decorations be here when you get home at the end of the day. I use zip ties and hay twines to secure my decorations. In other areas of Arizona rain and snow may need to be considered before putting out those cute little bales of hay or scarecrows. All that I know is it's fall, almost mid October I better get outdoors and get all my fall decorations in place before Christmas has consumed our tv ads, stores and children's minds. I love fall.

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