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My Story

The road to this amazing life began when I was a girl on my dad’s farm, in Washington. I’ve always known country living was the place for me. Although, life took me down other roads in rural towns and big cities, my heart was always back on the farm. Now, years later I live on the ranch with my amazing family, in beautiful Arizona. 

The ranch house dates back to the mid 1900's and is a historical part of well known family to Kingman, the Neil's. My husband was able to secure the ranch around 2009. Where he grew his cattle herd from approximately fifty cows to now over three hundred. My husband works day in and day out to tend to the ranch duties.  He fixes pipe and mends fences. He drives around ensuring the cattle have what they need and are healthy.

The Ranch located in Kingman, Arizona is on approximately one hundred and twenty thousand acres.  Our cattle have a vast amount of land to forage.  Arizona is what you call "open range" and has laws to protect the cattle and the ranchers. We are so proud to call Arizona home.


Ranch road with the desert skies in Arizona
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Desert Road

This is a family owner operated ranch.  It doesn't matter where we are on the ranch when you call us, you talk to us, not to someone in a call center. So if you hear cows mooing in the background don't mind them. You're not just a customer you're part of our family. 


Cane Spring Wash Ranch 

Mother of 5 + 2 and a ranchers wife...

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