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Meat Variety

Reserve Your Beef Now!

Butcher Hanging Beef

Reserve your beef for the 2024 processing. The average weight of our steers has been 800 plus pounds hanging weight. 

A $500.00 deposit is required for half beef and

$1000.00 deposit is required for a whole beef.


Descriptions of Beef:

Half Beef:       $2000.00

Whole Beef:   $4000.00



Contact me if you have questions.

Half Beef Cuts Sample
(Average hanging weight for 1/2 beef is approximately 400 pounds)


EXAMPLE each amount is dependent upon roast, steak, ground preference

Roasts (2-4 lbs each)

Chuck roast - 6-8 packages

Sirloin tip roast - 3 packages

Rump roast - 1 package

Shoulder roast - 3-4 packages

Eye of round roast - 2 packages

Steaks (1in, 2 per package)

Ribeye steaks - 8-12 steaks

T-bone steaks or New York/filet mignon steaks- 8-10 steaks 

Flank steaks - 1 package (2 steaks)

Sirloin steak - 3-5 packages

Bottom round steaks - 4-6 packages


Ground Beef

You will receive approximately 50 lbs of ground beef, possibly more depending how your beef is cut.  Ground beef is packaged in 1 lb packages.


Brisket - 1 6 + lbs

Tri tip- 1 

Meaty soup bones 4-5 packages

Stew meat packages is dependent on how many roasts you select

Short ribs 2 packages (3-4 in package)

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