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Spring Cattle Gathering 


It's beginning to warm up as spring is upon us. Our daily ranch work finds sightings of little calves basking in the sun and running through the desert.  The cowboys and cowgirls talk about heading out on the ranch to find the cattle. This is a weeklong process which begins days before our hired hands and family saddle up. My husband will go to different sections of the ranch locating the cattle and planning out the gathering. At home we start planning our meals and ordering our tags, vaccinations, bands and other supplies needed.  The kids get out their ropes, chaps and take a look at their tack to make sure they are ready for the ride.

My husband and I wake up before the sun comes up to begin our day cooking a big meal for everyone staying with us.  We all sit and enjoy breakfast together before they saddle up to head out. That days work plan has been laid out for everyone.  My job is clean up and get ready for when they arrive home. I put the sun tea outside and make the lemonade. I like to make finger foods for them to snack on when they arrive home.  The cowboys and cowgirls drive the cattle up the washes, roads and through the desert to get to the ranch headquarters. 

After they arrive and the cattle are put into the pasture, then everyone gathers to eat while the cattle are resting from their journey.  Promptly after lunch the work begins as daylight is burning. The guys and gals jump on their horses and work to separate the cows from the calves, which takes time, luckily those guys know what they are doing.  Then we all go out to prepare to vaccinate, brand, band, ear tag and document specific things about the cattle. 

After the process is completed and everyone has left we will monitor the calves for weeks ensuring they are all doing well and ready to go back out onto the ranch to eat the fresh vegetation that's begging to grow. There's nothing more fun than gathering time. 

Beef It's What's on the Table 

We have available high quality Angus cross cattle. Our beef is ranch raised and grain finished. 

Feeding Time

After spring gathering is done we spend time everyday for weeks bringing the calves hay.  The family loads up the bobcat with big bales or flatbed truck with bales of hay to feed. We feed approximately sixteen 125 pound small bales per day to the calves that we had just weaned.  Or we feed the big bales that weigh on the average of 1400 pounds. 

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